10 Million Dollar Smiles & More: 7 Celebrity Insurance Policies That Will Surprise You

9 March 2015
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Celebrities insuring their body parts isn't an uncommon practice. They make millions off their bodies, so why not protect their assets? When it comes to celebrity body part insurance, who has the highest policies? If you're interested to find out which celebrities have the most expensive body parts, look no further.

Mariah Carey

The most expensive insurance policy in the entire world is the policy that singer Mariah Carey took out on her legs. In 2006, Carey insured her legs for a whopping $1 billion. She took out the insurance policy with Lloyd's of London. An insurance company that is famous for celebrity celebrity insurance policies. Carey decided to take out her insurance policy when she won Gillette's lucrative title Leg's of a Goddess, which made her the face—or legs—of their brand.

David Beckham

While it's common for actors and singers to have their body parts insured, it's surprising to learn that it's not as common for athletes. However, soccer star David Beckham wants to make sure that his assets are protected. He has the most expensive insurance policy in the history of sports with $70 million legs. If anything happens to his legs, the money will provide the best medical care for him.

America Ferrara

One of the sisters who wore the traveling pants has a top celebrity insurance policy as well. However, hers is a little different than many of the other celebrities. You have probably heard the term 'million dollar smile'; well, America Ferrara has a 10 million dollar smile. Aquafresh made Ferrara the face of their company. Aquafresh is so invested in Ferrera, they sought out Lloyd's of London to insure their investment. The insurance will cover any medical or cosmetic work that needs to be done to her gums and teeth as a result of any injury.  

Michael Flatley

Riverdance star Michael Flatley, also known as Lord of the Dance, has some very expensive legs. They aren't quite as pricey as Mariah Carey's, but Flatley's legs and feet are insured for roughly £25 million, which is $27 million in U.S. dollars. Although Flatley thought his career was over in 2008 when he was bed-ridden by a mysterious illness, his expensive kickers are back up and running.

Tom Jones

Singer Tom "The Voice" Jones is a legendary heartthrob. He is known for singing on stage in a half-buttoned shirt with his chest hair sticking out. Jones decided to embrace what the ladies love about him and got on board with the celebrity insurance policies. In 2006, Jones insured his chest hair for nearly $7 million.

Betty Grable

Movie star Betty Grable is one of the pioneers of celebrity body part insurance. She is known for dancing and singing alongside Ginger Rodgers, Fred Astaire, and Marilyn Monroe. In 1943 she took out an insurance policy on her legs for $1.25 million each. That doesn't seem like much compared to the other stars, however, calculating inflation, that's equivalent to $20.96 million each in 2015.

Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu is a Pittsburgh Steeler, and one of the most famous current NFL players. His insurance isn't on his legs or arms to keep him covered in case of injury on the field. His wild, three-foot-long hair has become the star of Head and Shoulders commercials. The company is protecting their wild gem by taking an insurance policy on his hair for a million dollars.

While spending time searching for life insurance, car insurance, and the other essentials, you probably don't realize that just about anything can be insured. It may seem silly to insure body parts, but you have to protect what you use to make your money. An injury to a dancer's feet or guitaris'ts fingers can be career-ending. These 7 celebrities have some of the most expensive policies to date. For more information, contact a company like Idris Insurance Brokers Ltd.